Keep Your Kitchen Up to Code

Keep Your Kitchen Up to Code

Commercial ventilation in Alexandria, VA and the Metro DC Area

Trust Total Mechanical Services LLC for all of your commercial ventilation needs. We repair and maintain range hoods in restaurants. Range hoods allow smoke and grease to escape from your kitchen. It's important to stay on top of commercial ventilation repair. Schedule an appointment with Total Mechanical Services today.

Know the dangers of poor ventilation

If you own a restaurant, make sure your ventilation system is working properly. If hood fans or motors break, smoke has nowhere to go. This can be a serious health and fire hazard. If your hood is broken, call Total Mechanical Services immediately. We will:

  • Repair your hood fan
  • Fix your broken motor
  • Replace and maintain belts and bearings

We also offer ventilation maintenance-regular maintenance will ensure that your ventilation system is always in good shape. Call us today to make an appointment.